Monday, February 23, 2015

My First Hit

Twelve years old
my brain still growing
I started a drug
innocent and unknowing

Caught in an argument
cornered and scared
words said it anger
a heart unprepared

Each day it seemed
brought on these duels
two loving hearts
acting as two big fools

Sitting in the wreckage
fear turned to fury
not against my persecutor
but me my own jury

Alone in the darkness
my emotions were wrought
my body lashed out
knowing not what it sought

My fist met the wall
soon overcome by the pain
instead of drowning in it
I finally felt sane

That was the beginning
my very first hit
and though my methods changed
it stayed my biggest secret

Over thirteen years
I spent addicted
blade to my skin
teeth gritted

But it is never too late
not for you or for me
it's worth the work
despite how hard it may be

Put down the bottle
put down the knife
admit there's a problem
and start new life

(Written 2.23.15)

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