Friday, February 27, 2015


Just a young girl, about thirteen,
sitting in the tall grass, golden green.
Looking at the road,
watching the cars go by,
wondering if I timed it right
would I die?

Nineteen years old with two jobs.
The year my last innocence was robbed.
Staring at the stairs.
Would I live if I fell?
If I did it on purpose
could somebody tell?

Twenty-one, the pain and nightmares kept me awake.
He gave me sleeping pills to take.
Entrancing, bright blue capsules.
I decided to take more.
I hoped to slip away unnoticed
but he can't be stopped by a mere door.

The time came to own up at twenty-four.
Neither of us could take it anymore.
Covered in scars
I stepped forward to transform.
It took many tries
but I found my norm.

Twenty-six and it's still a fight.
Each day it's easy to lose sight.
But if you reach out for help,
if you put the effort in,
someday you will find yourself
comfortable in your own skin.

(Written 2.27.15)


  1. What a journey. Your courage to share is very strong.

  2. Thank you. Sharing has felt like such a huge weight has been lifted.