Thursday, February 26, 2015

The Choice

Fury of swords
unseen inside
tearing, marring
the unveiled bride

Her wounds weep blood
that is not red
hidden in the tears
her eyes have shed

Within lies a choice
burning in her core
scorching, charring
a harsh resounding roar

Crying for mercy
as steel bites her skin
words of wisdom
fight to break in

But the choice is louder
ringing in her ears
sweetening its aim
reinforcing her fears

In the distance are eyes
which she cannot read
do the pray she will stay
do the beg and plead

Or do they anticipate relief
yearning to be free
no longer bound
by the falling, rotting tree

The choice cries out
begging to be made
as she silently screams
her insides are flayed

(Written sometime in September 2013 during my first hospitalization)

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