Saturday, March 14, 2015

A Bad Mood

I feel like I'm walking
through a different room
than the others.

It's a struggle to move,
to breathe, to even think.
The tension smothers.

My nerves are strung tight.
You could play them
like a golden harp.

And when you say
just one wrong word
I'll reply, tongue sharp.

It would be being kind
to call me "irritable"
when I feel like a villain.

This mood I am in
has me vibrating with rage
and sure makes me feel like one.

Was it lack of sleep
or this chronic pain
that leaves terror in my wake?

Deep breaths, in and out.
Calm the thorny beast
for everybody's sake.

(Written 3.14.15)


  1. I love that it is a golden harp.
    Did the breathing work, for your sake as well?

    1. Breathing techniques never seem to work for me. They increase my anxiety.
      Writing is helpful, as is distracting myself with a book or a funny show or movie.

      We all survived the day! Haha