Sunday, March 1, 2015

Clown Car

I know what it's like now
to sit in a clown car.
Crumpled inside.
Too many people,
too many things,
for such a small vehicle.
Bubbles, streamers, and candy
fill my lap.
I know there are others
inside this funny thing,
this piƱata of colors,
but I cannot see them
for all the balloons
surrounding my head.
What clowns must go through
to bring us laughter.
Today, we got to bring
that laughter,
those smiles,
that joy.
My make-up would be considered
a natural look
but my eyes shared the gleam
of a clown who has given happiness
to a downtrodden soul.

(Written 3.1.15)


  1. Love the idea of being a clown on the inside, spreading joy.

  2. What an interesting metaphor. I could feel you emerge from confusion into something that gave you joy.

  3. Thanks for reading! It is one of the strangest things I've ever written, but I was trying to pull from the moment of the day that resounded with me the most.

  4. Loved the image of being crunched in and surrounded by balloons. Something seemingly innocuous comes off menacing in this piece. I hope I read more poems this month!