Sunday, March 22, 2015


Daily we read our newsfeeds,
watching others live out our dreams.
Their smiling faces too extreme.

Our self-esteem is already damaged.
Hundreds of friends yet we feel abandoned.
This site is not what we imagined.

We base so much on likes and comments.
"Be the first to comment..." silently torments.
Yet we think nothing of marking 'maybe' for events.

We must quit comparing life that's real
to this virtual reality that cannot feel.
Live IRL and let your self heal.

(Written 3.22.15)


  1. It's hard to balance virtual lives and real lives. During March, I tend to abandon FB so I can focus on SOL. Took me a minute to figure out IRL (in real life?). Hope you find time to focus on real life.

  2. Since SOL started, I've noticed myself on FB less and less. Even if I hop on to check, it is just for a couple minutes. I like the part about "...quit comparing life that's real to this virtual reality..."

    Great point!

  3. Your words move me! I like FB because we have family out of town and I get to talk to high school and college friends. But it's NOT real life, and we certainly don't want to limit our lives to sitting on the computer. Get out there and live your dreams -- for real! You can do it. Pick a day and start. Jennifer Sniadecki

  4. Love the line "Hundreds of friends yet we feel abandoned." It's supposed be "social networking," yet all too often it feels like very little connecting actually happens. Great poem!

  5. This is great. So many times we find ourselves comparing our lives to what we see on Facebook. We need to look around and appreciate what we have, and we need to move away from the technology for a while.

  6. I scroll facebook too and often my world seems less in comparison. But most people don't show the dirty dishes on the counter, or the things in their life that aren't going right.
    Your poem was full of strong image and cool rhymes.

  7. My feelings about Facebook are so different. It is a way for me to stay connected with those that are spread across the world. I don't ever feel a comparison, just a connection. Interesting that we can have such different reactions.

    1. I definitely get where you are coming from. For me, Facebook is a connection to friends, family, and the outside world. I am a SAHM and Caregiver for my room mate with conversion disorder. I don't get to go out much at all.

      But with my poor self-esteem, Facebook can quickly turn into a negative place.

  8. Thank you everyone for your great comments!