Wednesday, March 11, 2015

I forgot

I forgot.
How could I forget?
A busy day filled with birthday wishes
for a woman in green.
A best friend.
Celebrate another year,
while I celebrate another day.
Another day?!
I forgot.
Less than an hour.
In the car,
on the way home.
A singing toddler.
The radio plays.
A drum beats.
It seems to speed up time.
So little time.
But the birthday girl's hug was worth it.
The conversation.
The therapy I needed.
Last minute.
Like my gifts,
like my poem.
I forgot!
But I won't forget tomorrow.

(Written 3.11.15)


  1. you didn't forget, you just postponed until the last minute and see what happened - a perfect poem about a teensy slice of a hug

  2. Glad you got to hug her. Friends are way more important!