Monday, March 30, 2015


When living a life
under a constant cloud,
there is something so beautiful
about laughing out loud.

A true laugh
is a moment of lightness.
How free it feels.
The room brightens.

Thank you, Lord, 
for smiles and laughter
and that I can do both
feeling hopeful after.

(Written 3.30.15)


  1. I can feel the pain -- and the hope -- in this piece of writing. It is my hope that there are more bright days than dark ones in your future.

  2. Laughing out loud is truly good for teh soul. I hope tomorrow brings more out-loud laughter for you.

  3. I have to smile reading this because my bad mood today made me write a poem with a similar rhythm...

    I agree - laughter is such a part of hope. I hope tomorrow is a better day full of lots of laughs!

  4. Laughter is such a healer. I love books that make me laugh - here's a list of some that always make me smile and here's another that's only young adult

  5. Laughter truly can be the best medicine! :)