Thursday, March 12, 2015

The Circle

We sit in a circle,
each of us scarred.
We each tell our tale,
sharing how we were marred.

We search the faces around us
for some sort of empathy.
We need to be understood
to relax to any degree.

We see ourselves as victims,
or monsters, or worse.
We have each come close
to the inside of a hearse.

But each of us has survived
to this very moment.
Our path to recovery lies before us
if we would just begin it.

Here again, we will meet,
in another week,
to hopefully find again
the fellowship we seek.

(Written 3.12.15)


  1. Thank you for sharing! That opening line drew me in quickly: We sit in a circle,
    each or us scarred.
    Then this line spoke to me maybe because it is somewhat a dichotomy, "victims, or monsters, or worse"

  2. A support of people who have much more of a clue to some of the challenges of your journey than many of the rest of us. I am glad you have a place to have that kind of fellowship.