Friday, March 13, 2015

The Nightmare

I laid my head down on the pillow
with every intention to read.
But my eyes were heavy
and before I knew it I followed their lead.

Suddenly I was lost in a dream world.
Though one not quite pleasant.
Autumnal colors swirled and swayed
but still the place was stagnant.

I found that my limbs were tied.
I was bound to a post of wood.
I tried to speak out
but it didn't appear that I could.

Dizzy with the swirling atmosphere,
my head weighed me down.
The voices chose then to speak
and when I couldn't answer, they frowned.

Chained for a hundred years.
Clothed in decaying rags.
Some days they chose to beat me
under their time-worn flags.

Silent tears ran down my face.
I no longer bothered with sight.
My soul was weary, my skin dried,
my heart had lost its fight.

Then a deep voice spoke out.
It questioned my presence there.
Everything scattered with deafening noise
followed by silence in the air.

Then came a new noise,
one I knew from another world.
A buzz like a bumblebee.
Around my mind it swirled.

Suddenly I am upright in my bed,
disorientated and covered with sweat.
I answer my phone with a drowsy voice,
letting go of the dream I hoped to forget.

(Written 3.13.15)


  1. So real, so vivid, so creepy--waking up surely was a relief. You did a great job of capturing the tone and mood of your dream in verse.

  2. so scary! I hate nightmares... and that drowsy feeling of waking up from a nap. But your poem about the nightmare is awesome. :-)

  3. Ugh! Does writing them down help you forget them faster or do they linger?

    1. It actually helps me to forget them, like I am placing them on paper and out of my head.