Friday, March 27, 2015

The Shadows of the Internet

Today, as part of my journey
to bring mental illness out of the darkness,
I explored the shadows of the internet
where individuals promote the madness.

Girls and women hating their bodies,
reveling in each pound lost.
While other sufferers give "support".
No one thinking of the cost.

Cutters posting instead of getting help.
Photos of self-harm are on display.
"Don't report me, just unfollow".
Just accepting their disease is here to stay.

#anorexia #selfharm
You offer support and advice.
They dismiss it, they don't have a problem.
Ignoring the enormous price.

Say they're "pro-recovery",
still they restrict their food.
Impressionable teenagers
ride the unstable swing of each mood.

In these dark corners of the internet,
where illness is not only ignored but worshiped,
lives hang in the balance
and friends who should protect are ill-equipped.

If only it were as easy
as fighting shadows with a flashlight.
But nothing will change for them
until they put up arms and fight their fight.

(Written 3.27.15)


  1. Well written and such an important message in your slice. I stumbled upon your blog tonight, and I'm glad I did. Thank you for this.

  2. You brought something to light I had never even given a thought to. Thank you for talking about it in such vivid images.

  3. "Dark corners of the internet" and there are so many. Unfortunately humans can twist anything. If only there were that magical flashlight for all dark corners, everywhere.