Sunday, April 12, 2015

Forgive But Not Forget

I have literally been beaten.
I've been slapped across the face.
I've been inches from death.
I'm only here by God's grace.

All these people who have hurt me,
not a one has said "I'm sorry," yet.
But I've prayed and I've wept
and I choose to forgive but not forget.

You somehow stand above the crowd
because your lies didn't just threaten me.
Your manipulation and your lying tongue
endangered my whole little family.

We do not speak these days
but I fight a constant battle for control.
My anger burns like a bonfire,
lighting the absence of the security you stole.

You keep on crying wolf,
calling it your "powerful story".
But one day the wolf will come
and no one will hear your screaming plea.

(Written 4.12.15)

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