Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Same Old Town

Tuesdays Slice of Life

One life, spent in its entirety
in the same old town
where your memories walk beside you
like ghosts, holding you down.

Traveling through the city
you're presented with old film reels.
Black and white images of your past.
Lessons learned nipping at your heels.

Standing where I once stood,
it's as though my memories possess me.
I relive the words and actions
as if I am dreaming.

Maybe I should get out of this town and find a place
where each street corner doesn't call out my name.
But it feels the good and the bad have me chained here
until the monsters I have tamed.

(Written 4.28.15)


  1. Your poem made me envious. I was able to give my children one place to grow up in and I was glad I did. I moved every few years when I was growing up - I missed having close friends, continuity. I guess we always wish for what we didn't have.
    Powerful words!

  2. Beautiful and haunting. I love the line, "where your memories walk beside you/like ghosts, holding you down."