Tuesday, April 21, 2015

The End

Tuesdays Slice of Life

My heart is heavy
with grief for something fake.
A friendship that wasn't real.
Still this heartache I can't shake.

You pulled at the seams of my life,
breaking it down to rags.
You played the victim so well
but I've never known a victim to brag.

I could cry for days
over what you've done.
But why give you that power
and let you have all the fun?

I'm trying to do what you can't:
have a little empathy,
say a prayer for you,
and hope for recovery.

I won't call you my friend.
Not making that mistake again.
But I won't call you an enemy either.
Just somebody I used to know. The end.

(Written 4.21.15)


  1. Beautiful poem, Rachel! The experience you write about is one most of us can relate to: false friends! Over the years, I have realized it is better to have fewer true friends, than numerous false ones.

  2. This is a beautiful poem. I read the words in my head but I felt the words in my heart.