Tuesday, April 7, 2015

The Fall

Tuesdays Slice of Life

My heart is shattering.
I'll save you a shard.
I'm falling fast again
and I'm gonna land hard.

I wish you could save me
but I have to deal the final blow
to defeat this disease
before its power can grow.

It is killing me creatively.
Its weapon of choice is no gun.
The tears I cry will drown me slowly
but my mascara will not run.

The music stirs up the dust
off memories we tried to burn.
But the wind blows the ash back.
And still we never learn.

I am down and feeling weak
but I know I've been lower.
I have to believe I'll rise again
even if the ascent is slower

then the fall.

(Written 4.7.15)


  1. Powerful poem! I love the last lines about rising again, even if it takes longer than falling. I'm so sorry you are going through a difficult time but you are an excellent writer and hopefully writing will help you express your feelings and find peace. Hugs.

  2. I know you are a lot stronger than you think from reading your slices in March. Although I don't know a lot about why and how you struggle I believe you can overcome those demons...hang in there!

  3. Wow! What beautiful and powerful language. The pain you're feeling comes through, but so does hope and strength. Like Kathleen says, I hope that you can find peace through your writing and with people who are close to you. Don't give up!

  4. definitely a powerful slice--love that last line about rising again. throwing some love your direction---proud of you for writing through your pain.