Tuesday, May 26, 2015

At The Horizon

Tuesdays Slice of Life

We once embraced at the horizon.
I was the land. You were the skies.
But your sun set on my desert lands and ocean waters
and your moonlit promises were ethereal lies.

You were a watercolor painting.
The definition of beauty with your blending hues.
Clouds of color so prismatic
no one could have guess the extreme of the hate they could spew.

Then with only a thunder clap to warn me
you unleashed your fury in a malicious storm.
Your lightning scarred my soil and your rains flooded my rivers.
Then you laid down on me a fog thick as chloroform.

When I awoke, I saw the damage your rage inflicted.
And the rainbow you hung to gloat your victory.
But instead of feeling defeated I reveled in the good,
the lush green and the deserts fulfilled and free.

You may hang over me for a lifetime, an eternity;
and I cannot control the rain
but my actions are my own to choose
and I choose to live free of your hateful reign.

(Written 5.26.2015)


  1. Looking at the positive, rather than feeling defeated is better than any rainbow.

  2. You write with such detail.
    What a turning point ... "...but my actions are my own to choose
    and I choose to live free..."

  3. Thanks for reading and for your comments!