Sunday, May 10, 2015

Because I Don't Say It Enough


Dear Mamma,
Nothing has changed
even though now
you go by "Busha".

You will always be my mom.

I know there were times
we couldn't stand each other.
Times we didn't understand each other.
But I'm blessed to know
you still loved me. Still do.

Sometimes people forget
Mother is not synonymous with
I'm more keen on remember that now.
Now that I hold the title
(even being that my title is Pika).

Thank you for showing me
how people can grow.
How life doesn't have to be
an endless repeat of 8th grade
(or equally horrific times).

Thank you for loving me
while I learned that I was not
the center of the world
but that I could make a difference.

Thank you for my life,
for everything,
and for not holding it against me
that I don't say it enough.

I love you.

(Written 5.10.15)

1 comment:

  1. This is beautiful, Rachel. I'm so glad you found your poems and art again. I love you and the love that shines through you is easily seen. Keep writing. Keep drawing and painting! Thank you for this!