Tuesday, May 12, 2015


Tuesdays Slice of Life

A trip,
required work,
took you away.
I feel your absence.

I say,
but my heart,
it aches for you.
The bed is colder.

The silence,
louder, painful,
echoing the miles.

(Written 5.12.15)


  1. Raelily,
    Thank you for your honesty. Your poem in just a few words is full of deep emotion. I understand the silence, and the pain. "echoing the miles." has a double meaning for me, the echo of the distance, and how your words would echo when you are alone n the house.
    I will be thinking of you as you deal with being alone. And, I understand. My husband was sent to Korea for a year, and I stayed home with a 6 week old baby and a four year old.

  2. You truly are a talented writer! How lucky your husband must feel!

  3. "I feel your absence" - those are powerful words, and the details make them so clear. I appreciate your comments about military wives- I experienced those times apart when my husband served...that's when everything would go wrong- appliances breaking down, locking yourself out of the house, kids getting sick...but the loneliness that you captured here, that feeling of someone important being so "gone" is the hardest. And although it is true that military wives are awesome and do have to deal with this, often in extreme circumstances, it doesn't mean it is any easier for you to deal with it... so those of us who understand what it is like, we offer support to you through our thoughts and prayers.

  4. Oh, I feel your ache. I hope he is returning soon. You can do this.