Monday, May 25, 2015

The Little Girl Inside

Every step I collide with a memory.
Most leave me aching somewhere deep inside.
Childhood scars and adolescent wounds torn open daily.
Living a life where the street signs make you cry.

Ghostly remembrances, ghastly moments,
dance in my mind's eye.
The little girl inside knows each step by heart.
Each tear drop, each sigh.

I turn to my palette,
a flower field of hues.
I ask my heart and mind to paint me free
but at first, they refuse.

My body, mind, and soul
are chained to the nightmares of the past.
But I am shedding old behaviors.
I'm rebuilding. Molding a spirit to last.

I could live my life
a slave to the pain of past actions
or I can be reborn
in today's reactions.

I will make it my life to stand up
for those that are still too afraid to speak.
I will create outlets and safe havens
to protect and lend strength to those feeling weak.

I will not stand by and watch another generation stumble,
awkwardly navigating the world of mental health.
I will be a listener, an adviser, an ally, and a friend.
I do not do this for money. I crave another type of wealth.

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