Tuesday, June 9, 2015


Tuesdays Slice of Life

Revisiting the music of another era.
From a time when my demons were beginning to stir
but the blade hadn't yet met my skin.

The lyrics that inspired me. The words that stirred my heart.
Already the seed of my downfall grew
but the vines of this sickness had yet to strangle
the hope from my lips.

The guitar rifts and drum beats
predicted my heartache.
But I couldn't read the tea leaves.
The cloud holding the future storm
blindfolded me.

The voice brings me back to a time of change.
When a little girl danced in the moonlight,
talking to the stars.
A Walkman on her hip, headphone on her ears,
and passion in her heart.

(Written 6.9.15)


  1. I hope you find that happy place again! Stay strong and you will!

  2. Oh the Walkman! I remember that clunky Walkman. I thought I was so cool with thing! Ha!

  3. The power of music to transport you back in time is incredible. It is particularly strange when you are transported to a time you wish you could forget by the song that pulled you though.

  4. That last stanza is beautiful. I admire your courage to write of your difficult times. Blessings...Hope you have some summer days filled with passion, perfect for dancing and talking to the stars.