Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Tightrope Walker

I want to tear off my skin
this useless chrysalis
maybe free from it
I can find my bliss

each song I hear hurts
even the most joyous tune
echos something lachrymose
with as much hope as a deflated balloon

My mind is bursting
and it comes out in tears
memories burning
with fuel from fears

I try to match the words
vibrant like paint splatter
a beautiful mess
but hopelessly scattered

I am stable 
like a tightrope walker
I am upright and moving forward
but I wobble and I totter

I will hold my balance 
because it's heaven or hell
Tomorrow is a mystery 
A dark stairwell

We tell each other 
to stay strong
but we know there are days
when living feels wrong. 

(Written 6.16.15)


  1. Rachel, your life is precious.

    I was reading through old posts today and found your comment again. Thank you.