Friday, September 4, 2015

Attention Seeking

Dried blood
Pale skin
A little glimpse
of what's within.

"It's just a little teenaged angst.
There's nothing wrong with her."
Where they see hormones raging
her darkest emotions stir.

Someone sees her little wounds.
"Emo Bitch" like a scarlet letter.
She just wanted to release the pain.
Maybe feel a little better.

Note she cuts deeper.
Hypnotised by the blood.
Her friends start to dissipate.
Her name in the mud.

The depression that claims her
whispers lies day and night.
She's beginning to think
She can't win this fight.

She tries to take pills
but it just wasn't enough.
Her mother yells at her:
What made her do all this stuff?

The nurses don't bother whispering.
"Attention seeking..." the agree.
Reinforcing her fears.
"No one will hear me".

Weeks later, she's out
having dinner with her family.
She feels invisible.
Her sickness an anomaly.

She asks to be excused.
She can't do this anymore.
Let them find her bled out
on the bathroom floor.

She took it her pocket knife
intending to take her life.
But a stranger heard her crying
And took away the knife.

The stranger knew her pain.
She had walked that same path.
She understood the loneliness
and the sadness and wrath.

The stranger held her hand
And told her about recovery.
About the happiness and peace
About love and self discovery.

It's a sad world we live in
Where so many do not understand.
Who lack compassion and empathy.
When all we need is a helping hand.

Attention seeking?
YES! I need help to save myself!
We do what seems natural
to protect our health.

So make a promise to listen.
To not judge so quickly.
Our illness is in our minds
so we might not seem so sickly.

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