Saturday, September 5, 2015


I've been struggling to keep up with my promise to myself that I would write something everyday in the arena of Suicide. My last two posts were written on my phone late at night, trying to get emotions, thoughts, concepts, out but without much brain power. Sorry to my one reader in Neverland.

 Today, I want to go a little deeper into the subject of attention. Far too often in our society, when someone is found out to self-harm or attempt suicide, they are called "Attention Seekers" or worse "Attention Whores". Let's get this straight. I am 100% sure that there are people out there who do these things for attention. You will never find me pointing fingers as to who is who. Because the fact of the matter is anyone who would attempt suicide or injury their body for attention or not HAS A PROBLEM. It may just be depression, maybe something more. But no matter their reasoning or their illness, they deserve and NEED that attention. Why do people call them "Attention Seekers" like it's an insult? Seeking attention for a gunshot wound would not cause people to look at you poorly. "Oh, he got shot. What an attention whore...".

Instagram is one of the popular places for depressed and suicidal youth to post and express their pain, their dark thoughts, and find companionship with each other. Some even post pictures of their self-harm. The latter group is the most often mocked and called "Emo bitches". Personally, sharing my self-harm never occurred to me nor would I want to publish it, but these youth say it comforts us. I could get caught up in a world trying to fight them posting bloody wrists and thighs or I could busy myself trying to change the world to a place where they don't feel like they need to cut at all. I have lofty dreams, I know. I'm going to post some images posted on Instagram under #suicide. None of them are graphic. I refrained from posting the faces of the individuals or any open wounds. This is just to give you a feeling for the community there. I've filtered out those who are there only to mock, those just posting nudity, etc. Here are the images created by people who are hurting. People who feel like no one is listening. Like no one cares.

Do you care now or would you call them attention seekers? 

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