Monday, September 14, 2015

Dark Limerick

I am terrible at Limericks so forgive me. Limericks are traditionally silly and lighthearted. I thought I'd take the opportunity to contrast that by using the limerick structure to write about darker things. Again, apologies for my awful rhythm. 

There was once a young girl with a disease.
So thin she could blow away with the breeze.
About food she lied.
Pain kept hidden inside.
Confused between bones and beauties.

There was a boy who was friends with a blade.
Crimson lines on his skin and the pain they made.
All he'd wanted was a scar.
Now things gone too far.
Before you know it in the ground he's laid.

Everyone thinks there is nothing wrong.
But underneath she's not nearly so strong.
Pops pills that aren't hers
'til everything blurs.
She smiles but still doesn't feel she belongs.

Suicide was once something both feared and ignored.
You didn't talk about it unless on the psychiatric ward.
That helped no one.
Lost people being shunned.
But now we move to end the stigma and let it be explored.

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