Saturday, September 12, 2015

Everybody's Business

Maybe you don't think you know anyone whose life has been touched by suicide. Maybe you think it will never touch yours. The truth? More than 40,000 people killed themselves in 2013. More people die from suicide than homicide. Suicide attempts are not kept track of as accurately but there were an estimated 650,000 cases of hospital visits relating to self-harm. Who knows how many people are silently suffering, overcome with suicidal thoughts.

I'm just gonna put a guess out there that at least one person in your life has been affected by suicide. Don't just sit around and wait for it to touch yours. We can all do something to help prevent suicide. The easiest way is conversation. An honest conversation with your family, your friends, with the world. We need to let everyone suffering that they are not alone and that recovery is possible.

Don't sit and watch all the talk about Suicide Awareness and Prevention and think that it's not a part of your life. Suicide affects us all. It's everybody's business.

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