Monday, September 7, 2015

Paper Chain Project

This Paper Chain Project I found when someone alluded to it on instagram. This is the best I can find from it. I think it's a real simple but sweet way to support yourself through your recovery. Below I will write out the instructions because they are kind of hard to read.

Paper Chain Project

-For every day you go without self-harming or purging, add a colorful link to the paper chain.

-If you relapse, just add a white link to the chain and carry on the chain without any disruption.

-Over time the paper chain will group in length and you can see your progress. See that even if you do relapse, there are still days you go without hurting yourself (the colorful links).

-Over time and through your recovery watch the amount of colored links begin to increase and the amount of white links begin to decrease.

-If you feel like hurting yourself, look at the paper chain and realize just how far you have made it! And realize that if you've resisted before you can do it again.

I think this is a really wonderful way to help you through your recovery. The white links are especially important. They allow you to look back and see that yes, sometimes you relapse in recovery but you got right back up and kept going. When you're struggling, you can know that you've been there before and you have survived.

Let me know if you try this! Would love to see some pictures of your paper chains in a few months!

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