Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Suicide Loss

Slice of Life Tuesdays

Today a friend of mine lost a friend to suicide. Another life gone because of silence and stigma.
His pain has morphed and transferred to those who loved and cared about him. His life and potential has now transformed into gaping holes in the hearts of his family and friends. Loved ones feel all pain and total emptiness at the same time.

Thoughts, prayers, and love to all those affected by suicide. Past or present.

Now is the time to help prevent suicide. Everyone can do their part. Look out for the signs, be willing to listen without judgement, don't be afraid to talk about suicide or mental illness. We need to talk about these topics like we talk about Breast Cancer or Weight Loss. There should be no shame and no stigma for those suffering from mental illness and suicidal ideations. Open conversations between family and friends can save lives.

How to Help Grieving Family and Friends Cope with Suicide Loss:

How to Help Someone Cope with the Loss of a Loved one to Suicide

Helping a Student who has Experienced Loss of Loved one to Suicide

How to Help Someone Dealing with the Suicide of a Loved one

Stories from Loved Ones who have Lost someone to Suicide:

Survivors of Suicide Loss: Stories

AFSP: Personal Stories

Places to Find Support:

Coping with Suicide Loss

Support After Suicide

Lifeline: Suicide Bereavement 

There is a lot more out there if you search for it but we need more. We need every family to be having open conversations about mental illness, self-harm, and suicide. Everyday we lose far too many people to suicide. Veterans, LGBTQs, and adolescents are particularly at risk. No one should feel ashamed to ask for help.

I hope you'll take some time to think about how you can help prevent suicide in your own community, friend group, family. If you have a story relating to suicide loss, prevention, survival, etc. Don't hesitate to email me. I'd love to feature you on the blog and as always, I'm always here to listen.


  1. So very sorry. So very hard. Thank you for your post and the links.

  2. We do need every family and every person to help. Thank you writing about such a hard topic.

  3. An important message. Thank you. May we all be more aware.

  4. I'm so sorry for the loss and I'm thinking of a lot of people now tonight. Thank you for sharing. Silence is never the answer, and you have given lots of resources here. Jennifer Sniadecki