Sunday, September 13, 2015

Thoughts and Lies

When you suffer from a mental illness like Depression you are more likely to commit suicide. Pretty obvious right? But what's not always obvious is the suffering of the person. Some suicidal teenagers have a sick pride in how easy it is to lie and say "I'm fine". But inside, the depressed person is most likely bombarded with negative thoughts, lies that the mental illness makes seem so true. 

Most of these negative thoughts that can lead to suicide are either lies spread by the disease or the after effect of said lies.

When you open up the conversation and offer to listen you can help break down the wall of lies that the disease has spread. Don't forget that a seriously depressed person can appear completely put together on the outside. Make it a usual thing for your group of friends to check in with each other. If a friend disappears for a while without a word or starts giving strange excuses for canceling plans, make the extra effort to make sure they're ok.

While we hope that anyone suffering from a mental illness and struggling with suicidal thoughts would come forward voluntarily, that isn't often the case. Make a commitment to your friends and family that you will be there and you will listen. Take a public pledge. Make it Facebook Official. "I know some of you may be hurting and I want you to know that I will listen."

I Will Listen.

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