Monday, October 5, 2015

No Judgement, No Fear

The I Still Matter Facebook page recently posted this link... 5 Reasons to Start an Art Journal...

I definitely scrolled past it at first. While I have recently rekindled a childhood love for arts and crafts, I would hardly call myself any kind of artist. I am very critical of myself. It takes a lot for me to allow myself to post my own writing, art seems like an even scarier arena to me. I am surrounded by so many true artists as friends and family, men and women who can create images you would mistake for a photograph or displays of surrealism that blow your mind.

Then I read the article. It was the first reason that got me. The Art Journal is for you.

 “It’s about no judgement, no fear,” says Sokol. “It’s perfect.”

So I decided to give it a try. I got myself a book and started to fill the pages. Every time I started judging myself, I just repeated the words, "No judgement, no fear". I'm not creating masterpieces, but I am creating. It feels amazing. And when I feel like sharing a page or two, I can. Today I created this...

That will never hang in a museum or grace some millionaire's wall but making it helped me feel a little more alive. I let go of the judgement and the fear and I made something that makes me happy.

I'll leave you with this comic from Jim Benton which my husband shared with me today...

Jim Benton

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