Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Well, well, well...

Tuesday Slice Of Life

Well, well, well.
Just another day down the drain.
Had a forecast for sunshine
but all I got was torrential rain.

To-do list at the ready.
Best laid plans...
I can hear God's laughter
at the intentions of man.

Day break shattered
along with my head.
Migraine settled in
and kept me in bed.

Dust to the to-do list.
Chores abandoned for darkness.
Just pain echoing in my skull.
As I hide in the blackness.

Ice on my skin.
Pills down my throat.
A day lost to pillows and covers.
A day that was but a sour note.

Darkness had fallen
before I could confront the light.
Where I had planned a busy day
I had left only the night.


  1. Hoping for a good day sometime soon. You captured this so well...I have seen my sister live this day many times over.

  2. Ugh!! Thank you for sharing this difficult and disappointing day . . . it is often in these times when we feel closest to our ability to capture emotion as their sharpness etches their way into our brain.