Sunday, February 28, 2016

Come So Far

I walked the earth as a ten year old
For fifteen long years
Jumping and splashing through puddles
Of blood and tears.

A childhood haunted where laughter was replaced with screams.
And my mind created a world of nightmares as my only dreams.

Looking now I see that i have come so far since then.
Finding my voice through my paintbrush and pen.

Even as I feel my body rot decay
I can feel sunshine on my skin, the light of a new day.

Liar's Limerick

Truth is water and your words are oil
Your lies could make even honey spoil
Play with lives
Falsehoods like knives
You make a peaceful soul's blood boil

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Playing with Fire

"Yell FIRE!"
They tell us.
Because that will get people's attention.
Because that's what people care about.
They will look out their windows
And into their halls.
They will wonder if it's their home,
Their building, that's burning.
"Yell FIRE!"
They tell us.
Because we don't turn our eyes from flames
Because no one is "asking for" a fire.
They won't get involved if you cry something else.
They will pretend that they don't hear.
Their home is not at stake.
They won't get involved in other's affairs.
"Yell FIRE!"
They tell us.
Because we were only eight.
Because they were shaping us.
They prepared us for a life where we were to blame.
They prepared us to be used.
But my body is my home.
And the word "fire" only burned me.

They Never Stay

I've done it again
Scalpel like a calligraphy pen
Carved each letter deep
Names of love I failed to keep
Forever didn't mean a thing
A promise of pain the absent bring
Count to ten and we'll play
I close my eyes and they never stay