Friday, October 14, 2016


If you spend your life writing a list of all the bad things that happen to you... The mistakes you made, the wrongs that have been done to you, the knives in your back, the disasters you could not control, the harassment you have endured, the lies you've been told, the broken promises, and so on... If you use your energy to write that list you will only be able to see that negativity. You will become a victim and you feed the darkness.

But if you write a different type of list.... Not a list that denies that bad things so happen, but a list that decidedly focuses on the positive and recognizes that there are things we cannot control. A list of friends and family, and the little things that keep us going. Bubble baths and good books, funny movies and late night laugh sessions... If you write that kind of list and push positivity back into the world you will see good where you once saw only darkness. You will become a survivor and thrive. You will be the light instead of searching for it.

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